Monday, 14 January 2013

Jack's First Real Toothbrush

Having a great tooth brushing session with his new brush!
We've brushed Jack's teeth since he got them with a little finger brush. He has loved it from day one and we say he's like a dog getting his teeth brushed - loves it! (Which should be corrected to say "He's like a Mollie-dog getting her teeth brushed" Lucy hates it and we haven't tried again since the first time). Since he has so many chompers and he's got more on the way it has become increasingly dangerous to put your fingers in his mouth and wiggle them around.  He enjoys the reaction he gets from us when he chomps down and we know that is why he keeps doing it - but it is nearly impossible not to react when he little razor teeth pinch your skin!
Cutie toothbrush. Yes that is a blurry Lucy in the corner - she heard packaging opening and needed to be there just incase it was a dog bone. 
Regardless of his goofy bites when you brush his teeth the time has come for his first real toothbrush. Of course SO many to choose from but all basically do the same thing. I went for something easy to hold and not too big for his little mouth. It doesn't hurt the little cutie zoo animals are adorable!

For a moment he was slightly wary of the toothbrush which surprised us because he is so in love with having his teeth brushed.  But then again on the other hand, this guy is not a fan of change. So when he was introduced to the toothbrush in place of his favourite chew toy you can imagine he was put off. Oh wait you don't need to imagine - enter hovering Momma with her iPhone :).
This face is unimpressed with change. 
He allowed Scott to put it in his mouth and really enjoyed the gentle bristles. He has some really sore swollen gums on one side and the toothbrush seemed to be just the right amount of pressure to help him feel better.
Totally digging the massaging on his back teeth soon to arrive!

And it doesn't hurt his little baby toothpaste tastes amazing.

 After he brushes his teeth we all cheer and do some enthusiastic clapping. Jack loves this part the most because it usually involves some crazy baby telling and clapping that turns into splashing. Love this pic we got of him :) Some splash, clap, teeth and cheering!

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  1. Bathtimes are the best, aren't they. So much fun, nice warm water, baby contained... and its a family together time!