Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Choo Choo: Train-loving baby & A great Kijiji find!

We've gone choo choo crazy here!
Found another great Kijiji find using the app on my phone yesterday at lunch.  Amy sent me two adorable pics of Jack enjoying in the morning her son's trains. (She is even teaching him to say ChooChoo - oh my we will miss her!) Those sweet little pictures of him got me thinking I should see if I could track down a fun little train set.
Jack loving playing with Thomas and friends.

Turns out there isn't a whole lot on there but I did find one fabulous deal! I picked it up last night for a steal of a price $5! When I got home I put it together - because I loved playing with these sets whenever we went to toy stores when I was little and I couldn't resist now haha.
The kitties couldn't resist either! They LOVE wooden toys - and just anything that is Jacks they want to try out for themselves!
I even got a Retweet and Reply from @KjijiCanada - I feel famous haha! and I'm that nerdilicious I'm sharing the screenshot of it.

So this morning I set up a little track for Jack while I was getting our things ready to go and he intently played with the trains but wasn't so much into the track. Haha I can't imagine why...
Mommy... this is a traffic circle not a train track!
He played really intently with the little trains for as long as he had this morning. Jack is really starting to show more interested in littler toys that require a bit of dexterity like his Little People and these trains. So fun to see him grow and explore!

When we get settled I would love to put together a nice little rolly "under-the-bed" train table for Jack. There is a fabulous tutorial here by Diary of a Preppy Mom! She has a great blog - so creative and has so many fun ideas! Definitely check it out. Her tutorial has very simple instructions and many pictures. It is a great way to have a surface to play, but not bulky like those train tables that are oh so awesome but not so great if you are limited for space. 

Okay the track was a bust today Mommy but this train rocks...
Even though he wasn't digging the track he still really loved the trains. He likes sticking the magnets together and he found one little train that has a tender on it that spins. (I added in the link because I didn't know what a tender was until Scott explained!) When we get a bit more time together this weekend I will put the bit track together for him so he can experience the full fun :).

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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