Thursday, 10 January 2013

Butternut Squash Soup: Back on the blog this winter and better than ever!

Looking for a delicious winter soup that doesn't take ages to make? Want it to be Pinterest awesome but doesn't require you to be a culinary master? Look no further! I know I have already shared one of our favourite recipes here for Coconut Curry Squash soup (still check it out - oh so yummy!) But this soup I'm talking about today is a faster and easier version (oh yes, did I mention also cheaper?)
I found this great soup starter in the produce section at our Superstore for $4.99. It has very appealing packaging and popped out at me in between pre-cut broccoli and Renee's salad dressings and dip. I picked it up and gave it a quick scan. I was so pleased to see that the method is SO SIMPLE because they've already done the terrible part for you - peeling and chopping all of the vegetables. I kid you not I did a little happy dance right in front of all those chilled vegetables.

Yipee! It totally is a "Must Try" that is "Perfect for Homemade Soups"!
The package has cubed butternut squash, carrots, leeks and yellow onions. On the back of the package it has very simple instructions that I followed nearly to the letter. I did substitute in some Knorr Oxo because its the only thing in our pantry close to chicken broth.

Here's what you're going to need!
Oh yes and some other things are a bit less good for you... (but make the soup totally worth eating!)

It even looks pretty when you open it!!

On the inside it it very fresh looking and tasting vegetables. I had a bite of each different vegetable to be sure this is what I wanted to make soup of.  I was skeptical about buying pre-cut fresh vegetables that they would be brown, soggy or just bland tasting compared to buying whole vegetables. Everything passed as fresh and tasty. 

Below is the back of the packaging with all the necessary ingredients and instructions. Just awesome. 

I cooked my pot of vegetables in the broth for 20 minutes to make sure they were all good and mushy for the puree process. I learned from making baby food purees that overcooking is not a crime and actually will make your job much easier when it comes to blending everything up. I was able to use my new immersion blender that we received for Christmas from Mark and Trudy. Worked fabulously and really went well with our kitchen in its sassy red colour. :)
The immersion blender made short work of the veggies! In no time at all I was ready to add a tbsp of brown sugar and some coconut milk. Less good for you kind of ingredients but what is the point of making the soup if I don't want to eat it. 
I actually made this right after I fed Jack lunch before his afternoon nap. He played for 30 minutes really well on his own in the livingroom while I cooked. He did a great job not getting into anything he shouldn't and popped into the kitchen to visit me every 2 minutes to babble a little story or show me a toy. I could get used to that! I had dinner all made and put into the fridge to blend flavours for the afternoon just on time to get the little sleep critter off to bed.
Playing so nicely while Mommy cooks soup! 
From start to finish making the soup took exactly (I timed it!) 29 minutes. Whoa! That surprised me because our other recipe is longer, more expensive and many more dishes involved. It was wonderful to have Jack's whole nap time to spend doing something fun instead of slaving over a stove (more accurately a cutting board for this kind of soup) or washing a mountain of dishes.

It is as wonderfully soft and snuggly as it looks!
Left much more time for working on some knitting projects. I will be opening up an Etsy shop at the end of this month featuring some cozy knit items available for purchase made by yours truly. I am so excited for it! I will announce its opening here on our blog and twitter too!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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