Sunday, 6 January 2013

Baby Curls: Jack-led scalp massage, his own Blue Steel and Rawr Tub Monster (again).

Jack performing "the face" for us. Its his newest look, likely his Blue Steel.

Bath time seems to be one of the best times during the work week. All three of us (actually four, Lucy lays on the floor in the bathroom too) get to play and be silly for an uninterrupted bit of time.  Jack is more than happy to stay in the tub all night so when we have the chance we stretch it out. I had to share some of these photos I took because we were all having a blast.

Loves having water poured over his face.
To us, Jack has SO MUCH hair now. I know that to everyone else he looks like he's still in that newborn fluff stage - but you have to understand we've been waiting for this hair for over a year haha. So humor us. We've just started shampooing it and he is obsessed with trying to help. He's getting pretty good at scalp massage - maybe a future stylist here!?

A favourite of Jacks is peekaboo with Daddy behind the tub.  Apparently its much more dramatic when I'm not in the room.  Jack thinks he's alone until Scott leaps up and roars like a beast. Jack squeals with laughter every time! I've heard it go on when I'm getting his bedtime things ready but the moment I'm in the bathroom its less hilarious to Jack.

Jack the tub monster reappeared tonight. He has got a flare for drama! We've showed you a preview of this game before but here it is at its best! (it was a tricky one to catch on camera without it being too blurry) Jack loves to "scare" us going doing his best raaawwwwr and looking scary when the curtain gets pulled back.
One thing is for sure - we all use up a lot of energy playing and no wonder this guy sleeps so soundly at night. Between the games, hair washing and rawring we're all ready for a rest by 6:30pm.

His Mick Jagger face.
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