Thursday, 31 January 2013

Melt Down

In more ways than one! Poor little sick baby today is home with a fever. Two more days to go till I'm home full time but this little guy had to have it his way and be home with Momma for the afternoon. He's sooky and tired which of course leads to some serious emotional melt downs.
Like not being able to get his teeny socks ripped off his feet so he has a big throw down. Or he just drops a toy. Geesh! But then he's back to his normal self especially if he has a handful of Cheerios.

In other melt down news, we are enjoying some wonderfully warm spring weather today. It came along with some wicked winds and rain! It brought havoc to Oromocto which is dealing with power outages all over. Fortunately for us didn't lose power although it seemed like we would with all the crazy blowing winds. 

We've lost most of our snow, which is actually quite lovely. Its nice to see everything unburied it seems almost like spring. After a whole week of it feeling like -30 this is such a welcomed change.

Of course there is a little less wonderful things to love about spring on our road... like all the potholes. Perhaps we will welcome back some snow and ice to smooth out our bumpy drive haha. 

One thing is for sure - Jack and I were able to witness such a beautiful moment on this spring-like day!

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Murray Has a little Lamb!

We aren't huge scheduled TV watchers here, we mostly do watch off our PVR or Netflix. The only show we do try to catch weekly is Big Bang Theory and even then we usually get messed up on the days and miss it. Good thing for PVR! Looking over our Netflix its looking like recently our most favourite TV shows are Star Trek TNG, Zoboomafoo and Seasame Street. Oh boy life is good :)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Our little Mechanic!

Our little engine that could is still kicking! We bought it off Kijiji a while back and shortly after that the batteries died. We never really replaced them because Jack was just pleased to run around pushing it and we didn't think the sounds would make a difference. However lately he has been so curious about the knobs I felt guilty leaving the batteries dead for so long. So it was time for him and Daddy to fix the car! (Starting early - hopefully Jack will be a mechanic!)
Jack was so excited to help daddy take off the front panel!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Perogy Pizza: Doing Pizza a little differently!

Ever since we had the Perogy Pizza from Boston Pizza I have been dying to make our own so it isn't so spicy. Not that a little spicy isn't yummy but last time it was just overpowering and you couldn't taste anything else.  I'm a subscriber to "Real Simple" daily recipes and they often have some great ones! The other day I received one called "Potato and Bacon Pizza" and which turned out to be the perfect Perogy pizza!

I LOVE perogies! When we get together over holidays our family will often make them as a team and divide the spoils. Blast from the past - check it out here on my mom's blog! Homemade is the absolute best! I love it so much so that I think Perogy pizza could be better than your tomato sauce based pizza.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Last week when we went to Chapters we picked up some books for Jack. What I forgot to include in the post was this AWESOME drum we found. As I was sitting watching Jack play it caught my eye (great product placement Chapters) and I had to check it out.
Trying out the train table chair... he wasn't digging it. Turns out its an awkward height and pins his knees to the table. 
Just behind Jack off to the right on a red shelf there was a whole display of Hape products. They are really well made stimulating wooden toys. I had done a lot of reading on Amazon reviewing kids drums and a common complaint was that they barely held up to any drumming before the drum head would rip. I had seen this one online and felt confident it would hold up long enough for this drum to be fun.

How right I was :D! Jack is a one man marching band with this drum. He beats the drum, walks around, rolls it and plays it with his hands. 
Some chanting and drumming on the go!
Unsurprisingly it is loud being made of wood and against the coffee table, tile kitchen or wood floors it makes quite a bang. The wooden drumming sticks are awesome and Jack easily can grasp them for drumming away on the drum (or table, dog, his own head etc).

The woman at the checkout commented "It isn't loud enough already with a little baby, you sure you want the drum?" I laughed and shrugged. Our house is loud (and our downstairs neighbours likely hate us - sorry guys, we would hate us too judging on the amount of barking and toys being dropped. Only 3 more weeks!) and so what is a drum added to the mix. I know that most people find the kid noise irritating and to that I have two words. Big and Woop. There are crazier things to listen to! (Hahah like 30+ screaming kids)

I'm happy to say our little drumming boy and his drum are quite an act to watch. Somewhere between BamBam and Keith Moon :) He's really enjoying a chance to express his own beat!

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Preschooler Paintings: Nifty Noodle Names!

As you saw on Wordless Wednesday, this week in Preschool was the letter N. I usually spend the beginning of the week learning about the sounds of the letter, words the letter starts with and practicing writing. The rest of the week is fun programming moments that involve the letter N some how so I can incorporate all the other wonderful parts of our curriculum. Enter Nifty Noodle Name painting.
No matter how many times you remind the group "We aren't touching anything until it placed at our painting station" there is always one kid that MUST TOUCH IT.  :)
We began with four trays of paint, four pages of bristol board with their names and a selection of cooked pasta. We did observations about the pasta, learned the different names of it and compared it to the uncooked versions. They were going bananas with anticipation (the -20 weather all week has also turned all of our kids squirrely too) so we dove right into our "projects" for the day. Its cold and everyone is sick which meant for lower attendance numbers - perfect for a messy paint day!

It went something like this... grab some pasta, dip it in paint and paint your name!
 Or just dip your fists full of noodles in paint and go crazy. In this case, the messier the better.

I love listening to preschoolers have their own group chats about life. 
As a group they had a blast trying different ways to paint with the noodles, dip them in paint, mix new colours, getting outside their comfort zone when it comes to messy, and great discussions about what else you could use noodles for.   According to my 3-4s, if you have a box of pasta hanging around your cupboard you should try using cooked pasta gardening, decorating, washing dishes, cleaning windows and driving your car. Who knew noodles could be so helpful?
So awesome - so different - so very them.
They turned out fabulously and the noodle painting was a huge hit. When it comes to painting with preschoolers I cringe thinking about the blue handprints I will find later on my leg, the door and the chairs. I wrinkle my nose at the smell. I even question the usefulness of it until I actually get to the painting part and then remember how much fun it really is. And with a little preparedness (drop cloth, paint smocks, special washing station aka bucket of warm soapy water manned by me) cleanup is a snap!
YES! That was so satisfying to see my clean table again!
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lucha Libre: My son is a Mexican wrestler!

Our little Jackalope found his first favourite costume item at Amy's today. They brought this back from Mexico for their sons and Jack is smitten with it! He apparently LOVED wearing it, called it his "hat" all day and put it on by himself after the initial trying on. Since its a little big on him he watched a bit Sesame Street with both eyes looking through one eye whole. What a cutie little luchadore! (thats right - I did a little reading on Mexican Wrestling! Looks like a promising career for him haha)

He even came to the door to greet me at 5:30 proudly wearing it! I love that this little guy has a great sense of humour for a toddler and is always surprising me with his likes and dislikes. We can say for sure that Mexican wrestler - LIKE!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday

(Okay... a few words!)
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Choo Choo: Train-loving baby & A great Kijiji find!

We've gone choo choo crazy here!
Found another great Kijiji find using the app on my phone yesterday at lunch.  Amy sent me two adorable pics of Jack enjoying in the morning her son's trains. (She is even teaching him to say ChooChoo - oh my we will miss her!) Those sweet little pictures of him got me thinking I should see if I could track down a fun little train set.
Jack loving playing with Thomas and friends.

Turns out there isn't a whole lot on there but I did find one fabulous deal! I picked it up last night for a steal of a price $5! When I got home I put it together - because I loved playing with these sets whenever we went to toy stores when I was little and I couldn't resist now haha.
The kitties couldn't resist either! They LOVE wooden toys - and just anything that is Jacks they want to try out for themselves!
I even got a Retweet and Reply from @KjijiCanada - I feel famous haha! and I'm that nerdilicious I'm sharing the screenshot of it.

So this morning I set up a little track for Jack while I was getting our things ready to go and he intently played with the trains but wasn't so much into the track. Haha I can't imagine why...
Mommy... this is a traffic circle not a train track!
He played really intently with the little trains for as long as he had this morning. Jack is really starting to show more interested in littler toys that require a bit of dexterity like his Little People and these trains. So fun to see him grow and explore!

When we get settled I would love to put together a nice little rolly "under-the-bed" train table for Jack. There is a fabulous tutorial here by Diary of a Preppy Mom! She has a great blog - so creative and has so many fun ideas! Definitely check it out. Her tutorial has very simple instructions and many pictures. It is a great way to have a surface to play, but not bulky like those train tables that are oh so awesome but not so great if you are limited for space. 

Okay the track was a bust today Mommy but this train rocks...
Even though he wasn't digging the track he still really loved the trains. He likes sticking the magnets together and he found one little train that has a tender on it that spins. (I added in the link because I didn't know what a tender was until Scott explained!) When we get a bit more time together this weekend I will put the bit track together for him so he can experience the full fun :).

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Love me some FunBites!

Easily chop without mangling!
Looking for a useful tool for making lunches for your little ones? Look no further!

This is FunBites! I use it all the time for making all of Jacks meals. It is brilliant invention for chopping food down into manageable bites for little hands and mouths. Its really easy to use, dishwasher safe (YES!! That is a must in our home!) and compact so it fits nicely in a cupboard or drawer. Not awkwardly stuck on your counter taking up space!

Funbites in action - but don't bother doing it on a curved surface. Plates are not ideal for chopping on  which I only realized AFTER I took this picture!
Place over your food item you want to chop. Make sure you do it on a flat surface. (FYI our plates aren't flat - don't bother trying on yours) Press all the way down and gently rock side to side by pressing your palms onto the Funbites handles. Then push down the top grid and it pops out adorable little squares. 

I love that it doesn't mangle the food no matter the texture. I find that a lot of the time I go to cut up something into pieces and it looks like I ripped it apart with my bare hands and its falling apart. (Muffins - unless they are frozen I can't get them into managable pieces without turning them to crumbs) Not only does it look better but it takes half the time - and what mom doesn't appreciate a time saving tool?

I have used it for SO many things - not just for "sandwich" type items.  Jack doesn't need his food necessarily cut up because he now knows how to hold something and take bites. His problem is he likes to take TOO big of bites and we end up with a chipmunk cheek baby hacking on something.

Rats! Mommy is onto me!
Now time to see how many of these cutie squares I can fit in my mouth...
We've used it for muffins, pancakes, quesadillas, tofu, cheese, bananas, strawberries, toast, and pieces of meat. I love making his meals quickly into safe managable portions and of course - I do like making them cute!

We tried to spell out "33" with raisin toast for 33 more days until NS but Jack got to it before I could take the picture! He can't resist!
Definitely get yourself (or a Mommy you love!) one of these for their kitchen! Easily shop online and pick one up here! The website has so many cute ideas to make lunches adorable and more appealing to picky little eaters too. They also have a really sweet heart/triangle punch that I will share in a week or two for around valentines day. For my little valentine :)!

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Vacation comes to an end, more boxes and snowy goodness!

And our house is in boxes again. Well not the entire house - but we've begun a staging area for all the packed boxes.  So far all the non-essentials in Jacks room have been packed up, the office, and most of our linen closets. Goodness - you would think we love packing but we really don't. Since we have a good amount of time to get things packed up we are doing a little bit as much as we can but only a bit. If we do too much of it in one day it just spoils everything. We so love our weekends together so we aren't going to waste all our free time packing insanely for a month straight. It might just mean our last few days in Freddy = takeout food and constant packing while Jack enjoys romping in box forts. We both agree there are worse things to endure haha.

So we made sure to really enjoy our weekend together. We only picked at the packing doing 2-3 boxes at once. One wonderful thing about this move is that our moving company is providing us with all the boxes we need - for free. It is SO much easier to pack with large proper boxes.

We found lots of time to hang out together and play too which was lovely! It snowed pretty consistently all weekend and so it was very picturesque. Jack headed out into the snow with us in his sled and on foot too. We played on level ground which made things much easier for Jack to move around. He insisted on holding Daddy's hand today because the snow was much deeper than the previous few days.

Scott even saw two deer prance through our driveway and off into the woods. Sadly I was too slow to hop up off the couch and see it! But we saw SO many tracks all around our place and road you can tell the deer love this weather.

Totally digging his new Cheerio car. The trunk opens and that is how you get the cheerios out - so much fun!
Jack and I had a wonderful week together and I'm sure it will be a tearful goodbye Monday morning (on Mommas part - Jack always loves going to Amy's! Thank goodness!) this is our last two weeks and then I will be all finished work. I will be sad to leave everyone but SO happy to be home again with my baby. We have had so much fun and we are looking forward to lots of fun things in NS!

This boy LOVES bran blueberry muffins! :) 

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