Monday, 3 December 2012

Day Three: Christmas Cards and Rawr a tub monster!

We've grabbed a bottle of wine from my secret Santa (Thanks Jenny!) and turned on Christmas Songza. It's not that we don't want to send you all cards because WE DO. We are snail mail people despite our obsession with the latest technology. But the addressing of cards is a task we don't enjoy.

The cards - designed with care! (we LOVE designing our card every year on Shutterfly!)

Sadly there isn't anything interesting to post about us addressing cards it is exactly what you think. Kitchen table, wine and music while we scribble and scrawl away.

So in place of a picture of us at our table (I'm already in my lazy clothes anyway so the picture was a no go - sorry!) I will share Jack being adorable in the bathroom during bath time.

Where's the baby?!? (He's quivering with anticipation FYI waiting for the right moment to pop out from behind the curtain.)

There he is!! (You need to imagine it in Deigo's voice from Ice Age)

Rawr. I'm an adorable baby bathroom monster!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. O-M-G his laugh is perfect!! He is so happy!
    Loving your advent calendar! You are so organized!