Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 17: Birthday Weekend Recap & Everyone needs some Holiday Awesome!

This weekend was fabulous - I love having my parents visit! It was a great surprise for them to be there when I came home from work and made for one of the best birthdays.

Jack had a blast playing with party decorations... I have about 35 photos of him batting this balloon. All hilariously intense as he shows off his mad tether ball skills.

We shopped, went out, ate great food and played (my new game - thanks Mister) Friends Scene It! Scotty and I even got out to enjoy apps, drinks and a movie Saturday night - Thanks Grandpie for babysitting!

So that brings us to today - advent 17. I know we have missed a few and instead of trying to squeeze them in this week I think we will need to let them go. No more playing catch up because its making it hard to get everything done!

This was an Awesome one I was waiting for all month. Of course I organized the advent calendar activities myself, however once I finished all my bags I destroyed the list because I live with a snooper and I didn't want him to ruin his daily surprise. (I actually wrote the list in code) That was weeks ago and I can't piece together what is coming each day now which makes it a fun surprise for me too!

Nothing is more 'feel good' and awesome than this book. Short and sweet with a brilliant author, a coworker of mine shared this with us at the beginning of December. Just one excerpt from this book totally turned around a difficult day so I knew I had to have it. And that Grammie must have one too (Happy Birthday Grammie!) to enjoy this holiday season.
We have leafed through it and giggled over the Awesomeness inside. For all those curious, definitely pick up a copy. It is a collection of awesome things described in detail that instantly changes your current state to awesome. Who wouldn't want that?!

And a bit of a Christmas miracle here...

Big shout out to Lawtons - they had a whole bin of mistletoe!!! We definitely picked one up :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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