Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 11: Where do they keep all the mistletoe?!

When making our advent calendar I thought it would be cute to hang mistletoe somewhere! It is a cute Christmas thing and you can't blame a girl who finds an excuse to some extra smooching?

At the time I made all the bags I hadn't gotten all of my supplies so I just left the bag unstapled and would add it in. Well holy crap on a cracker - there is NO mistletoe in the world anymore. At least not in all the places I had a chance to look! To be fair I wasn't totally sure of what I was looking for but I figured it was one of those things you would find by Christmas lights, fake poinsettias and and cheeky snowmen wearing mittens. I expected it to just be there and I would recognize it. I saw no such thing.

So I settled for this a few days ago out of desperation. Pine cone and branches with inexplicable green glittery plum attached? At the time I deemed it "close enough" as it was a bundle of Christmasy looking branches and twigs in a clearance bin. It wasn't until I googled Mistletoe today that I realized how wrong I was.

It is so laughable how far from reality our mistletoe is. And makes me question what it is supposed to be. We're still going to hang it up for fun! I am going to hunt down some mistletoe to add to our collection of Christmas decorations - any advice on where to find some? Clearly I need all the help I can get :)

One more shot of our mistletoe imposter. Love it!
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  1. Step 1: Buy plastic aquarium plant and white plastic beads.

    Step 2: GLUE GUN

    Step 3: Hang on ceiling, kiss people.

    You're welcome :)

  2. Have attached a sprig of fake mistletoe to your Christmas gift. It is probably older than you are! Love, Nana Dawn