Thursday, 13 December 2012

Advent 12 & 13: Feeling festive?

Jack is looking like a cutie getting into the holiday spirit!

A little grumpy at first..
But he did crack a smile :)!

Yesterday our assignment was to wrap up some presents ... Well Scotty is on it! He already had most of our presents wrapped.

I completely adore the wrapping paper he picked up for this years gifts. So much so that I wanted to use it for day 13...

I picked up some plastic bulbs from Michaels for $3 each! I had seen on Pinterest some great examples and my friend Madelyn makes beautiful ones herself.
So this evening we tried our hand at making our own with our favourite paper!

Love the curls and the colours! I've got four bulbs and can't wait to get them up on the tree :)!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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