Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Stocking Project! (Part One)

This week I have been puttering away at some little Christmas projects. Hard to believe but Christmas is just over a month away! So much to get completed. And as everyone knows the time between now and Christmas zooms by (and time slows to a dead crawl in January - yuck!).

Since we are spending Christmas at our own place this year we wanted to make our own family stocking to use. Filling the role of sewer/knitter Ill be the one actually putting them together. Scotty helped me narrow down fabric choices, pattern etc which is great to have a second opinion!
Because we knew roughly what we wanted (but not set on anything too specific) it was very simple to pick the fabrics at

A huge thing for me following through to the VERY end of a project. Just check out my Ravelry notebook - yikes that's a lot of knitting waiting to be finished lol. I read some great advice from a mom/crafting blog that suggested breaking your project down into many (as many as needed) 20-30 minute assignments.

I have to admit - not how I imagine my projects going most of the time. I am a more instant gratification kind of crafter. But I've done it with these stockings and it is really working out well.

30mins in an evening or during a Jack nap is the perfect amount of time to clear a place to work, make coffee and get tinkering. Also, I don't usually get interrupted in that short amount of time so I have time to pack away my project rather than leave it sprawled across the kitchen table (and eat at the couch!).
So here is hoping I stay on schedule and actually finish these stockings before Christmas haha :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our crafty Happily Hectic Household!

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