Sunday, 4 November 2012

Celebrating Jack's Birthday all weekend!

Our poor birthday boy had a cold this weekend so we did a lot of couch time, playing, sleeping and nothing too busy.

He has mastered bending over to get a toy and standing back up. He tries to push it often and lands face down lol

Look at that cutie tooshie!

It was supremely relaxing and we all feel better rested and enjoyed each others company :)!

We opened some presents and played a ton. Jack loves his little people and shared them with Mommy, Daddy and even the pets. They didn't have the same appreciation that Jack did haha.

We headed out to the Mall and shopped at Chapters with a gift card from Aunt Sharon :) we picked up two great books and an adorable Melissa & Doug stackable block train. So excited about the hundreds of books it was a tough choice... (Mommy and Daddy each got to pick one!) but the train was a no brainer. We adore Melissa & Doug toys - and blocks+trains rock! The kids section in Chapters is fabulous!

We loved this weekend with our (not so) baby boy. On Saturday we walked a trail in the afternoon and reminisced hour by hour about the Saturday Jack was born. The weather was identical - hard to believe our little darling is so grown up now!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our (not so) Happily Hectic Household (this weekend)!


  1. He has the cutest tush ever!!! Happy birthday jack!!

  2. Love the train and the Farmyard friends... but Star Wars ABC... geesh Daddy!

    Happy Birthday Jack T Matheson!