Friday, 30 November 2012


Bring it on.

We are so stoked to begin celebrating Christmas! We jumped the gun and began our homemade advent calendar tonight. (Who doesn't love opening an Advent calendar the day before you are supposed to ?!)

Someone was eager to help decorate ...

So we made him part of the Christmas experience!

Sleepy pooch enjoying the Christmas tunes and the comfy glow from the lights.

Tomorrow is Sunny Days Christmas Gala and staff party so there will be little time for much else.

Day one completed of our Advent calendar! Check back each day to see what we are up to to get in the Christmas spirit :)!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Advent-calendar-enthusiast Happily Hectic Household!


  1. wow, your tree is beautiful.. and I love all the paper bags! What will Jack think of them tomorrow!

  2. Haha Jack is a little nervous of the tree - Apollo is IN LOVE with the paper bags and of course the tree!