Thursday, 11 October 2012

Learning so much!

Jack has hit a growth spurt - of intelligence! All of the sudden he is really showing us he is so aware of everything. He is a great little communicator babbling things like Mama and Dada, shaking his head no, mooing and meowing when prompted and pointing at everything, waving, peekabooing on his own so much more :) we are loving this new baby stage - so fun!

Wearing my warm clothes on the trip to Amy's - it's dark and cold in the morning!

A really big boy rocking out :)!

Love to read on my commute!

Little cutie relaxing!

Amy takes him to Library playgroup - loves it!!

Sporting my very fashionable London Fog fall coat - love handmedowns!

Did I mention I love to run?!

Soaking up Saturday morning cartoons in PJs!

Reading to my bear in the car!

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  1. Wow! Growing at lightening speed is wee Jack. Soak it all up Mama and Dada. love...KofO