Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dino Pizza!

Each week on Sunday nights I've been making batches of food for Jack's lunches and suppers. We are BUSY and nonstop it feels during the week between both of us working full time and caring for Jack. This week the new food of the week is Dino Pizza :)! Thanks to my adorable dinosaur sandwich cutter...
The dino cutter hard at work - this was one of Scotty's lunches I made from last week!
I made cute little dino pizza from mozza, sauce and whole wheat bread. Mm Mmm Mmm.
Like anything we try, at first he was not into it...

Mommy... I'm not sure that is even food...
But after Mommy taking some bites and demonstrating how you eat he was all over it!

The next batch I make for the freezer are going to have chicken bits, and won't be Dino shaped. Sadly they are too big and part of supper involved some wrestling as Mommy dragged the whole piece out of Jacks stuffed cheeks. (We got video of that of course!)

I will be on the hunt of some cute sandwich cutters but for the moment ill just stick with boring squares (or circles, whichever is best for sliced bread)

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  1. fun. Won't be long before he is eating sandwiches... geeesh. Can you believe it!