Monday, 29 October 2012

Can we ever get enough of Fall?

In short, no.

Really really really enjoying the last few beautiful fall days. Soon enough we will be shoveling, scraping windshields and wrestling with heavy coats and stubborn boots. Don't get me wrong - I do enjoy winter! But I really love fall!

The leaves, colours, cool weather and delicious smell. Love. Fall.

Appreciating it so much more this year than last as we eagerly and impatiently waited for our less than punctual baby to arrive. (Due date one year ago today!)

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dino Pizza!

Each week on Sunday nights I've been making batches of food for Jack's lunches and suppers. We are BUSY and nonstop it feels during the week between both of us working full time and caring for Jack. This week the new food of the week is Dino Pizza :)! Thanks to my adorable dinosaur sandwich cutter...
The dino cutter hard at work - this was one of Scotty's lunches I made from last week!
I made cute little dino pizza from mozza, sauce and whole wheat bread. Mm Mmm Mmm.
Like anything we try, at first he was not into it...

Mommy... I'm not sure that is even food...
But after Mommy taking some bites and demonstrating how you eat he was all over it!

The next batch I make for the freezer are going to have chicken bits, and won't be Dino shaped. Sadly they are too big and part of supper involved some wrestling as Mommy dragged the whole piece out of Jacks stuffed cheeks. (We got video of that of course!)

I will be on the hunt of some cute sandwich cutters but for the moment ill just stick with boring squares (or circles, whichever is best for sliced bread)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Enjoying crisp and crunchy fall!

Amy sent us adoreable pics of Jack today! Jack LOVES piles of crunchy leaves - definitely a fall baby!

It was a beautiful fall day and this little guy soaked it all up!

Pssst... In case you didn't remember, this is what we were up to this time last year...
Walking so much outside enjoying the sunshine and trying to walk that baby out!
I still LOVE this photo!

Although it was a beautiful day this afternoon, the morning started out chilly and so he was sporting his new big boy winter set from his Auntie Laura Mulrine! He looked so cute!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Learning so much!

Jack has hit a growth spurt - of intelligence! All of the sudden he is really showing us he is so aware of everything. He is a great little communicator babbling things like Mama and Dada, shaking his head no, mooing and meowing when prompted and pointing at everything, waving, peekabooing on his own so much more :) we are loving this new baby stage - so fun!

Wearing my warm clothes on the trip to Amy's - it's dark and cold in the morning!

A really big boy rocking out :)!

Love to read on my commute!

Little cutie relaxing!

Amy takes him to Library playgroup - loves it!!

Sporting my very fashionable London Fog fall coat - love handmedowns!

Did I mention I love to run?!

Soaking up Saturday morning cartoons in PJs!

Reading to my bear in the car!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Playing with Grandpie!!

Love little boys in glasses - looking so cute wearing Grandpies. He loved wearing them.