Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend Fun!

We spent the weekend enjoying our little darling :) Aside from laundry, groceries, errands and cleaning we tried to spend as much time soaking up some Jackalope sunshine! Here's some snaps from the last couple days!

Amy sent this adorable pic of Jack mastering the stairs! She said he climbed it like a pro on his first (and only) try! The gate is up now much to his disappointment!

Dark in the morning now heading out of the house!! Colder too!

Out on Saturday loving wearing my hoodie!

He LOVES covering his ears... Makes for the cutest pics!

Not loving the cheesy eggs in this pic, although later he really enjoyed them!

Learning to drink a pear/yogurt smoothy threw a big boy straw!

Exchanged for a new pair of shoes - aren't they darling?

Loving playing with my ball, chasing it around the living room!

Cutting my 8th tooth - must chew everything!!

Hope we get the chance to blog more often - life is so crazy these days!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

First big boy shoes!

Today we went out to adventure downtown! It was crawling with people as the Harvest Jazz and Blues festival celebrations. We headed to Room 2 Remember Kidz to try on some shoes!

We were hunting for this model which we found in an adorable blue!

Jack played with them all afternoon while we were out and couldn't pull them off! He did love playing with the velcro.

We shopped at Walmart in a huge thunderstorm and even enjoyed shopping in the dark when the power went out!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

First week done!

And it was definitely a challenge! We survived and thrived on our new routine. All of us worked really hard to adjust and by Friday we were in some kind of a rhythm. Thank goodness for the weekend so we can rest, recoup and spend some time together! Here are some pics from this week! I will likely be blogging each weekend now as the week has become a whirlwind of craziness!
Jacks first day of daycare!
My first packed lunch! Tofu, grapes, toast, rice rusk yogurt and peas. Yum!

I turned 10 months old this week! I'm a big boy!
Welcome balloons for preschool class!
Playing at Amy's!
Showing off my chompers!
Amy has SO many fun toys!!
Hanging out with Momma on this fine Saturday!