Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jacks afternoon off!

Grammie and Grandpie took Jack this afternoon right from lunch till supper over to Gail and Merts house. While they were gone I baked 6 cakes and made four batches of buttercream. But more on that later.

Grammie and Gail took Jack to the park and he went on the swings for the first time! He LOVED it - one of the most priceless pics!

After all that playing Jack had a solid nap!

He was so good for Grammie and drank his milk.

And of course it wouldn't be a day out with grandparents without a little candy!

I watched Jack get out of the car with Grammie in our driveway and the moment he saw me I got a big grin and wave :)! Missed him all day but it was great to get used to being apart - 3 weeks until daycare and I go back to work.

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