Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Happy 25th Birthday Scotty the Hottie!

We had a great day celebrating the misters birthday!

We busted out the decorations and balloons while Daddy was in the shower this morning. We won't win any decoration awards but its pretty impressive for someone carrying a baby in one arm and doing the decorating in the other!

Jack and I both got Scott awesome books! It is a construction themed party - we are both obsessed with Mike Holmes shows. Jack picked out his book at the dollarstore it is a really cute book about building a table.

We feasted on Scotty's favourite foods - eggos for breakfast, and KFC for dinner!

We of course had cake but it is store bought rather than home made. If we held out for home made it would likely be served sometime next week when I found a couple spare moments!

It was so yummy - rock on Supestore!
Jack is enthusiastically taking on learning to walk which leads to sad moments of frustration on his part. All that activity has spurred on his appetite though and he tried tofu today. Loved each bite - Momma is so pleased because its a great source of protein!
He has his first all finger-food meal with us for the birthday lunch!

And Jack actually drank milk from his sippy-straw cup! Not just a couple sips but a good drink!
All in all fabulous birthday for Scotty :). We love you!

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