Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday at Grammie Camp!

We arrived nice and early to play at Grammie Camp all day! The campers have one more day tomorrow and are loving all the creative things they are doing.

Jack LOVES all the attention he gets from the girls. They helped him play with toys and crawl around the cottage this morning while it was still cool. 
Jack getting to play with BIG bubbles! He had SO much fun chasing them around in Caitlins arms. 
Jack laughed tons and the girls were so sweet to bring him to all the bubbles to pop them!
Our Grammie Camp tshirts!

Jack hopped into his suit and the baby floaty that Aurora brought him. And then into the lake which was nice and warm on a cloudy day!
Aurora and Jack enjoying the lake :)!
Momma steering Jack around! He couldn't touch the bottom so he loved kicking his feet. 
Jack desperate to be out with the girls! SO they came in to see him.

The gang swimming at Grand Lake!
After swim snuggle with Grammie!

After a nap Jack was ready to go again so Caleigh took him around and around :) Loving his walking about the place!

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  1. I am so happy that Jack could nap at Grammie Camp so that he could stay even longer.. and my favourite part was my little "kiss" from him and his excitement when we made it to the lake and all the kids were already in the water.. he wanted in sooooo bad.. what a water boy already!