Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bested by a Killer Deer!

Jack, Lucy and I ventured out in the rain yesterday for a much needed breath of fresh air.  We walked on the trail which was surprisingly empty likely due to the weather. Jack had some difficulty napping earlier in the day so I had hoped that fresh air would get him down better for the afternoon nap. After 45 minutes of walking we turned on the path and headed back towards the car.

I was SO excited to see ahead of us on the path was a deer. It looked so sweet and peaceful munching on some wet grass.  I kept my fingers crossed that no cyclists would whip around the corner and scare it so I could get a picture. I love getting pics of all the wildlife I see on my walks(here and here) .

Fortunately no one disturbed the deer and we were able to get closer. I snuck along with Lucy and the deer calmly watched us approach and continued to eat.  Once Lucy realized what was ahead she rooted her feet to the ground and started to squeak. So much for big guard dog!

Mom, save me from the big mean dog okay?

It was Lucy's reaction that made me think... Hm, would I deer run towards me? I considered this and then a horrible though crossed my mind as I remembered one news story where a man was stomped to death by some deer he was feeding.  I reminded myself that was a totally different scenario ... but the thought did stick with me.

Capable of stomping a stroller, wimpy dog and person? Hard to say - the deer looks very much into eating grass and ignoring me :). 

It was then that I realized that I needed to scare off the deer before we should walk by it... and that deer couldn't have cared less. What do you yell at a deer? Should have been more careful what I wished for earlier!

I tried yelling, barking (Lucy was too scared), making a million chirping noises, flapping my umbrella at it, Jack screamed, Lucy squeaked, and I even played weird sounds off my iPhone at it including a car horn. It wouldn't move and in some cases walked a bit closer.  At this point I was determined to make it move away from the path so I could get by. I called Scott for ideas who had a good laugh and brainstormed with me.

We didn't come up with much and just after I hung up my answer came. A cyclist came around the bend in the path and nearly jumped out of their skin when they saw the deer. Of course it was RIGHT NEXT TO IT (I had visions of this deer stomping it and the bike to pieces!) when this happened and I let out a huge gasp! The deer looked mildly surprised and took a couple steps away from the path and the cyclist chuckled and flashed me a "What a funny deer?" kind of smile as they drove on. YEESH People - killer deer here?!

Jack, Lucy and I took our opportunity and RAN a good 100m past the deer before turning around.  Of course the deer was just barely visible walking off slowly into the field. I had a good laugh (now a safe distance from the deer) about the deer being a killer when it was blocking my path. It is funny how you build things up in your mind. I suppose I got my wish for the cyclist to hold off just long enough for me to get a good photo though :)

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  1. Its amazing what your mind will do to you.... I had varicose veins once, but then they washed off in the shower the next day.. geesh, they even hurt... I couldn't believe they weren't real.