Friday, 3 August 2012

Beating the Heat!

Yikes in the excitement of a huge thunder and lightning storm I nearly forgot to blog - nearly!

Today we hit up the mall to enjoy the AC and do a few errands. In our lifestyle of eating healthy we aren't into fast food so much which means the food court is a huge zone of temptation.

But I can't let that stop us from hanging out at the mall! Never fear :) I packed a nice cold bottle of water for me (it's no vanilla latte but it'll do!) and Cheerios for Jack. Avoided the temptation of New York Fries and instead soaked in the busy crowd!

I'm so glad we gave it a chance because Jack and I had a blast people watching and snacking! Jack was constantly looking side to side and watching everyone. He loved it!

But of course always has some love for Momma and the iPhone!

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