Friday, 17 August 2012

Baking a wedding cake!

Sean and Stephanie had their wedding ceremony today and the reception is tomorrow. It was a beautiful afternoon and we have tons of great pics but I won't share them until the bride and groom get to see them!

I've been a busy bee baking, icing, slicing etc the last little while preparing their wedding cake for tomorrow at the reception!

Very excited to share the final product and an epic cake cutting pic.

But for now just sharing a few baking moments! Our fridge and freezer have been purged to accommodate the three tiers. It is GREAT to have an excuse to clean out all the old bottles of jam etc that get pushed to the back of the fridge unnoticed. Or maybe an entire unopened 2L of milk that went bad 3 days ago. (How does that even happen?! Agh!)

While I bake Jack has been enjoying dates with Grammie and Granpie at Gail and Merts house. It's the most we have been apart and it is going really well :)! They tire him out ;)

Who knew I'd enjoy my time alone so much:)?!

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