Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What can I say? Just another Tuesday!

Haha believe it or not some days just don't fit nicely into an interesting well documented blog. Today was just another Tuesday. But I am committed to blogging daily so here goes - I apologize for slightly mellow blog!
We played...

"Playing" is now mostly spent walking down the hallway with the car and back. He LOVES it!

He napped and I exercised. Kill me now. 30 day shred level three is amazingly painful.

Naps like a boss :)

Then we played, did laundry and had our daily formula failure while Daddy went to an eye appointment. Ah well we're just going to keep trying the formula till it works.

LOVE this dog, he's the highlight of our weekly grocery trip for Jack.

Groceries were particularly fun because Jack delighted in seeing his "doggy friend". He really picks things out to be ecstatic about and this dog has stolen his heart.

I wish I got a picture of his face - he was blabbering on and on.

The people walking by must have thought we were bonkers. As I'm emptying my change into the slot, Jack making excited baby yelps while I encourage him, "Oh yes, tell mister doggie what you bought while we were shopping". Brace yourself Fredericton - we go out every day.

Play a round of Jacks-feet-are-surprisingly-stinky (•sniff sniff• his feet and scream dramatically "peeeeyuuuu!") in the car to kill time while Scott finishes a conference call and then back home for making dinner!

Jack offering me a pudgy foot to sniff! 

And of course enjoying delicious Sweet Million tomatoes from our seriously amazing tomato plant. Love it!

Beautiful plant! Its growing delicious tomatoes.

That was all that was bloggable about today. :) Our life doesn't always translate well into a blog but it was a great day of solid naps, good meals and fun.


  1. Aubrey loved the Guide Dog when she was a baby too!!! Looking forward to Friday where I will have to remember the stinky toes game! Love KofO

  2. hey michelle!

    i keep forgetting to ask you about the sleep training? did it work? looks like it has for nap time:)i need to start something with alexa as she is dependent on a bottle at nap time and sometimes bedtime, totally different from what hayley ever was like, and shes almost 15 months old! oh well i was just wondering what sleep training you did and how well it work?