Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thanks Nuby: One cup to rule them all!

Since we have started this adventure in formula we have struggled to find a way to feed it to him. Jack isn't pleased with a bottle and he isn't quite into sippy cups yet. We even have experimented with a cup!

To say the least we have bought a lot of drinking devices. Each one he has given a fair chance to and disliked!

But finally Nuby brought us our solution! And Jack actually drank from this before at playgroup. I remember being so surprised as he enjoyed some big gulps of water from Amie's daughters cup (Thanks Amie!)

Jack enjoys the straw SO much! I'm so pleased with it as it is really simple to assemble after washing. Dishwasher safe and microwaveable (not that I can find a need for that at the moment).

This is him after his first couple sips tonight. We added some formula to the water and desperately hoped he would take it! Sucking on a rice puff and thinking it over giving us his tough guy face :)

He took several more before giving up for the day. Well when I say give up I meant bite the bottom and bang it on the tray.

Thanks everybody for your advice and help! Love hearing about your experiences and advice is always so helpful for a new Momma!

I can honestly say we were so relieved to see him drink from a cup!

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