Saturday, 7 July 2012

Silly Saturday!

We had a fun day getting prepped for the Baptism tomorrow. We got to visit with Grammie and Grandpie this afternoon and tonight Pat and Sarah are coming to stay too!

Jack adores this book from his Auntie Ashley. I pulled it out of the toy bin and he played with the little fish for ages! Such a great book!

He also enjoys turning pages to books now one by one which is pretty adorable.

Most of the day we spent in the house. I cooked while Jack played, and I decorated his baptism cake (love how it turned out - see tomorrows blog!) while Jack, Scott and Lucy went for a walk.

Sneak peak to his Baptism cake!

They got back about 20 minutes before the huge thunder storm and downpour of rain.

Daddy let Momma sleep in the morning so he was up early with Jack. Afternoon siesta for Daddy while Jack plays with his feet!

It is hot hot hot today in Fredericton despite the rain so we decided against an afternoon outing and enjoyed the coolness of the indoors and the genius of Back to the Future.

Cool guy on a hot day!

I have seen it a billion times and STILL crack up every time Doc Brown (Nov 5 1955) shrieks "One point twenty one gigawatts?!?". One of my favourite movies ever!

Of course the cats got a little silly too - cat nip!!

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