Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Repurposing a pickle jar: Are We Nuts?

Perhaps - but we love animals and believe they should all enjoy treats. Yes even silly huge grey squirrels!

Little guy laying out enjoying a peanut in the sunshine!

We keep a bag of peanuts in our cupboard for them and daily we fill a small becel container of peanuts for them to snack on throughout the day. At first we didn't' get very many but they are quite the gossips because now in the morning after the bowl has nuts there is a steady stream of traffic. Jack has taken to watching them from his highchair during breakfast. I'm surprised he can see that far or such small detail but there is no mistaking what he is watching. I suppose I just underestimate his big baby brain!

Watching us watch him - oh my they're so cute!

We have gotten to know them all now and recognize them up close. There is Momma (obviously feeding a litter), Skinny (not in a unhealthy way but in a new and sleek way), and Scruffy (looks like he has been in a scrap or two) and Big Boy (a well fed portly squirrel with a bushy tail!). There are others but they don't come as often. For a while we also had two crows that swooped in to visit but they seem to have given up.

Now the peanuts are something we pick up from bulk barn and cost nothing for a huge bag. But it is nice to have them in a jar rather than a ridiculously big crinkly bag from bulk barn. Sadly to our pets a plastic bag either means LUNCH (to Apollo the plastic-eater) or TREATS to Lucy and Sirius who believe that everything yummy comes from a crinkly bag.

On Pinterest a found a great label template (Click here for link!) for printable Mason jar labels and conveniently had a huge pickle jar to find a use for as Fredericton doesn't recycle glass. Great way to reuse and have the peanuts out of the tempting bag!

Will share finished product tomorrow! Where is my beautiful boy while I'm squirrel watching and repurposing a jar for their treats? Hanging with my dashing hubby!

They are so adorable!

They're favourite pastime! Can't blog without a little bit of Jack!

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