Monday, 30 July 2012

Momma and Baby Road Trip: Return to Freddy!

Another beautiful day for driving! We had a successful trip back to Fredericton today. It started off well with Jack falling asleep As we got on the highway.

We had a 40 minute wait in construction in Falmouth. People actually got out of their cars and walked around and chatted. Others crossed the median in frustration and turned around.

I opted to stay in the AC and Jack power snoozed through it all and on as far as Truro. After a speedy lunch break we were back on the road.

I attempted to even out my farmers tan on the drive. Sadly just one side was able to soak up sunshine - but half is better than none :)!

We stopped in Caledonia for gas and to play!

Loved playing up front - so many buttons!

Jack did really well traveling with only a few melt downs that we solved with som Phil Collins music and mommy singing!

Maxing and relaxing in the bug chair with mountains of toys to throw!
He loved getting home and seeing all the pets and Dada!!

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