Sunday, 8 July 2012

Jack's Baptism

Today we celebrated Jack's baptism at St. Dunstan's Church downtown. Jack and I attend church there but it was very different than our usual trips on Sunday! We had a beautiful cool breeze and sunny day. It was so lovely to be surrounded by friends and family today and that we could all share in Jack's special day. 

Getting ready for the service!

Beautiful cousins came to cheer him on :)! 
Cutie in his white suit

Sweetest little boy. (You have to love that elbow dimple!)

Jack adored having water poured on his head. He was wondering where the bath toys were!

"Hold him up like in the lion king!" and we did :)!

Godfather Pat, Proxy Sarah, Momma, Daddy, Jack and Father Brennan

Wanted that candle SO badly!

Happy family <3 !
BIG Thank you to Pat and Sarah for coming up to be with us and to everyone who came to the ceremony. We had a wonderful time! Definitely felt the love today.

LOVE all these photos? You sure do - Sarah did an amazing job taking pictures for us :). Thanks lady!


  1. God Bless this dear little boy...and his loving parents. You can tell by the pictures how happy everyone is a very important date in Jack's life and it shows a wonderful committment by Michelle and Scott.....God Bless.
    Love, Wendy

  2. The pic of Jack looking up is perfection!!! What a sweetheart!! Cpm