Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jack meets Thomas!

Born about 6 weeks apart these two little boys are destined to be friends! Lauren and I have shared pregnancy excitement, delivery woes, food adventures and milestone celebrations yet our boys JUST met this weekend. Being in two different provinces didn't make it easy to get together but I am so glad they met!

Thomas is such a sweetie and Jack was really taken with him! Thomas could walk (hes only 10 months old - incredible!) while Jack is still speed crawling so it was fun to watch them play.

Babies playing together is the sweetest - melt my heart!

Thomas is so adorable- I couldn't believe he could walk! I'm so used to watching Jack that he totally blew my mind! Thomas totally inspired Jack and he has gotten a lot closer to taking some in assisted steps.

Love this action shot of Thomas leaving Jack in his dust trail haha!!


  1. I still giggle thinking of you, Ash and Lauren on the grade 9 band trip!! Now you're married (or almost!) ladies and mommas! XO

  2. I love that the boys finally met! Jack is going to be walking in no time. He is sturdy on his feet. Give it another couple weeks and you'll be chasing him around non stop :)I've never seen two babies that are so happy, you must move closer haha