Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ikea Ekkore Toddle Truck!

Auntie Kelly, Uncle James, and Gillian stayed a night with us while they travelled from Ontario to Cape Breton. It was so great to see them and for them to meet Jack. Of course our pets love visitors too and enjoyed extra loving from a family of pet lovers!
They brought us down a ton of gifts for Jack and even picked us up a wish listed item from Ikea.
Ikea EKKORE Toddle Truck. So Simple and so perfect!
For a link to super great amazing Ikea toys click here :)

It is a walker toy that I saw at playgroup (seriously if you have a kid and aren't in a playgroup yet find one and join! You'll be rewarded with a wealth of knowledge and good fun!). The little boy who owned it absolutely LOVED it and so did all the kids who came to play. It looked like something every kid could enjoy!

Jack is loving his. It helps him to walk more upright and balanced than the car walker. He improved so much just in 12 hours of playing with it he has already stayed standing a few times without holding anything. He still loves his car walker for all the noises and gadgets but when it comes to distance walking this one is his favourite.

He also loves to chase me or Scott down the hallway with it and gets moving at a good clip.

Enjoy one minute of baby laughing, walking, snorting and ridiculous mommy noises (oh dear it is so embarrassing to hear what you sound like in the aftermath of playing with a baby!)

Jack adores the walker and squeals (and baby snorts) with delight as he runs down the hall.
Its blurry because there isn't a chance he will hold still using this thing!

Even when he crashes its only met with mild annoyance then he hops right back up.
Thats the look of determination and the need for speed!

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