Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone! We spent today journeying back to NS!

Went on a plane! (did some screaming and played with my toes. Oh my we had fun haha)

In a stroller!

On the Park N Fly bus IN my stroller!

And in my car!

It was a busy day and we are pooped but loved seeing everyone in Newfoundland!

Bathed and in our summertime jammies from Auntie Chantal. Time for bed!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day! We celebrated in true Canadian style with two trips to Tim Hortons.

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  1. My kiddies loved the piano and the little car you bought off kijijji from an earlier post!! Jack will have so much fun with those toys! Such a happy boy!! Summer pjs look great! Michael has been wearing his matching ones too!! Chantal