Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

Scotty and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary today! Hard to believe how much has changed in 3 years :)

We exchanged awesome gifts - I bought Scotty Star Wars on Blu-Ray as you know! We've been watching it all week. Now you would think that we have noticed EVERY detail in these movies for the amount of time we've watched them. WRONG. We are seeing so many new things with the Blu-Ray editions and also just appreciating the textures, sounds and animations. Amazing!

Scotty bought me the most amazing thing - a planned Momma's weekend getaway!  I haven't been away by myself since before Jack was born so this is an excellent gift for me. I can't wait! He presented me with an itinerary and everything. I'm. SO. Pumped!! Instead of typing it all out I will just share pictures!

BUT wait there's more!

I can't wait to have a weekend away to myself to just relax and enjoy some peace. Scott is also pretty pumped to have Jack to himself and enjoy evening of Xbox. Really - the best hubby ever :)!
For our anniversary dinner we ordered in pizza, bottle of wine and Jack entertained us with his latest routine of "finger food fun"! Love the famjam <3


  1. what a wonderful anniversary... simple, and complex.. all at the same time. Love the picture with the toes and rings... !

  2. Happy Anniversary Michelle and Scott! Can't believe it has already been 3 years. Your gifts to each other are so thoughtful and personal!
    A day away Michelle - tough to enjoy guilt-free, but oh so important to take care of yourself too! You are so fortunate to have a husband who realizes and recognizes the importance of this and has ensured that your to-do list forces you to indulge yourself!
    I love the pics of your rings on Jack's toes too
    :) Debbie

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Looks like you have an exciting day to look forward to!