Monday, 16 July 2012

Graco Pack N Play: where have you been all my life?!

This baby loves to move so our go-to solution for entertaining him while we can't watch him and keep our little mover safe wasn't working well. The exersaucer had a good run but Jack has finally lost interest. I let Jack have full run of the house for 90% of his day but there are times like when I'm showering etc that he needs to stay safe. Enter Playpen. :)

For a cool $35 and a scenic drive 10 minutes out of town we are the proud parents of this awesome invention.

Jack enjoys his time in there and they best part is its on wheels so it can come along into the kitchen or bedroom.

Jack loves to stand up in it, throw himself down onto the padding and climb up the side. It is fun and exciting.

We plan to keep it that way and we try our best to only put him in when necessary. But the temptation is there to contain our little moving man!


  1. its a nice relief every now and then to put him in there and not have to be on the highest alert for a few minutes... good move. He will love it too...

  2. His Daddy had one when he was little. We called it the pig pen!