Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fun Day: Fur, cars and light sabers!

Today started off with a Momma/Lucy date. Jack is usually the spotlight of our day so I needed some time with my pooch baby. Once Jack went down for a nap (Daddy was home don't worry haha) Lucy and I headed out for a lovely walk together at Ducks Unlimited and then to PetSmart for a 30 minute puppy spa treatment and shopping spree.

I secretly snapped a pic of the fur left behind (oh my!). They are so good to Lucy there! We picked up a new bone and stuffed toy - Lucy picked them off the shelf which is the most fun. Loved our date, we'll need to make it a monthly thing!

In the afternoon Jack and I went out to leave Daddy in a quiet house to do errands. Besides the regular errands we made two special stops to pick up Kijiji Toys.

$18 later we have two awesome finds to help Jack advance his walking.

He had so much fun with it this evening playing and tumbling.

And I caved. I gave Scott his anniversary present early. But he did it first!! I will share about my gift with you all soon but all I can say is I'm so excited for August 25th!!

Oh right. Scott's gift was a date night pack featuring our favourite saga Star Wars. Yes we already own it but now on BlueRay!

Yup he's wearing his light saber. I have to admit it is really fun to hit people with haha. We are going to have to get a second one for battles. Hello we are geeks. It's okay.

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