Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Daddy and Jack's nighttime olympics!

Today was a bit of a weird day which started off poorly. For no reason at all my eyes, neck and mouth swelled up in some allergic reaction this morning. And they itched. ALOT. Forunately the swelling went down and even better my doctors office fit me in this afternoon.
At 5pm my swelling is all gone and only redness and itchiness left behind.
And a puffy eyelid. :) 

We're going to monitor the situation before jumping to an allergy specialist and I will be mindful of my surroundings.

I felt as though I was Howard from Big Bang theory...

Going from this...
... To this! But nothing near as grotesque.
So due to a puffy-face and grumpy spirit overall my day was spent grocery shopping while hyper aware of my swollen face, waiting in the doctors office and spent filling prescriptions.

So I thought I'd share with you instead the hilarious things that Jack and Scott get up to in the evenings when they hang out. Jack is a thrill seeker and Scott LOVES to indulge him. Two 30 second clips of their bizarre games. (Don't worry I'm not going to be putting up long clips of Jack - while we could watch hours of him I won't bore you with more than 20-40 seconds haha)

First up is the Spinning Wheel of Baby!

Now that Jack is on the move we have been helping him walk around and he is getting the hang of stepping.  Scott and Jack upgraded this activity to be faster and more ridiculous.

Enjoy Crazy Baby Speed Walking!

These two make me laugh and I love to see them enjoying being fools. To say the least Jack is going to be the kind of kid that is jumping off tall things and climbing as high as he can.

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