Friday, 27 July 2012

Busy little bees!

Today we helped Grammie prep for Ashley's Bridal shower. We chopped, washed, mixed, baked, iced, rearranged and of course decorated. This shower is going to be fabulous!! We also had lots of lovely friends come visit Jack and help decorate.

Jack had a super fun filled day not only with people but with all the toys at Grammies. (Thankyou Chantal for so many things - we cannot wait to try out the horse!!! Amazing!) Jack was an angel today while we worked away and even managed to skip a whole nap. Oh my!

Jack adores new toys (are we surprised?!) so he spent all day discovering new things. He even got over to visit his baby friend Greyson for a couple hours (although in the business of wrangling two baby boys I didn't snap any pics! Agh! )

Being out of routine and his own environment adds a new challenge at times but Jack takes it all in a stride with a smile. (Momma could learn a thing or two from this baby boy!)

Stay tuned for exciting blogs to come about swimming at the Walkers, the Shower and visiting with the Hewett-Hicks family tomorrow night! Yahoo!

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