Sunday, 15 July 2012

Are You My Mommy?

Well little babe, I am a Momma. But not yours.

On our walk today I watched a little lump of grey from afar jump out of the path of a bike. I sped towards it and discovered a sweet little baby bird. No joke - he looked up at me with with his little mouth open. Melt my heart. (and I'm not even a bird person. They freak me right out.)


I tied Lucy to the stroller and they quietly watched me scoop up the bird in Lucy's water bowl. I placed him on the grass and looked around. Two robins were above me screeching so I will let myself believe that was his loving parents making plans to come get him.

Then I look down and he was hop/flopping/flying his way across the street. And of course a car came by. I wildly flagged down the car like some crazy person. Thankfully our little birdy made it across the street unharmed and huddled under a parked car. The woman helped me out by holding Lucy while I crawled under the car and scooped up little birdy for the second time and moved him into a nice bit of bushes in someones yard a safe distance from the road.

But of course (blogger at heart) I snapped a picture of this bloggable moment. His mommy bird was flying around above so I gave them space and headed on my way! (Don't worry I didn't touch him with my bare hands!)

Happy to send the little baby on his way!

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  1. He looks too young to fly... I wonder if he fell out of a nest... poor buddy. At least he has a chance now that he is not on the street...