Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jack meets Thomas!

Born about 6 weeks apart these two little boys are destined to be friends! Lauren and I have shared pregnancy excitement, delivery woes, food adventures and milestone celebrations yet our boys JUST met this weekend. Being in two different provinces didn't make it easy to get together but I am so glad they met!

Thomas is such a sweetie and Jack was really taken with him! Thomas could walk (hes only 10 months old - incredible!) while Jack is still speed crawling so it was fun to watch them play.

Babies playing together is the sweetest - melt my heart!

Thomas is so adorable- I couldn't believe he could walk! I'm so used to watching Jack that he totally blew my mind! Thomas totally inspired Jack and he has gotten a lot closer to taking some in assisted steps.

Love this action shot of Thomas leaving Jack in his dust trail haha!!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Momma and Baby Road Trip: Return to Freddy!

Another beautiful day for driving! We had a successful trip back to Fredericton today. It started off well with Jack falling asleep As we got on the highway.

We had a 40 minute wait in construction in Falmouth. People actually got out of their cars and walked around and chatted. Others crossed the median in frustration and turned around.

I opted to stay in the AC and Jack power snoozed through it all and on as far as Truro. After a speedy lunch break we were back on the road.

I attempted to even out my farmers tan on the drive. Sadly just one side was able to soak up sunshine - but half is better than none :)!

We stopped in Caledonia for gas and to play!

Loved playing up front - so many buttons!

Jack did really well traveling with only a few melt downs that we solved with som Phil Collins music and mommy singing!

Maxing and relaxing in the bug chair with mountains of toys to throw!
He loved getting home and seeing all the pets and Dada!!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ashley's Bridal Shower

We had SO much fun getting everything ready for Ashley's shower. Pinterest was totally inspiring to us!

With the stairs in renovation mode it was great to decorate them :)!

It was a great shower with lots of fun games, delicious snacks and lovely people!

We loved showering the beautiful bride to be with gifts and delicious food :)!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Swimming at the Walkers!

Jack and I went over to the Walkers pool for a swim! We had a blast and Jack really enjoyed the water as usual. He even got to try out some cool floaties. I love being able to take him swimming because he SO enjoys it.

We even got to visit with his Auntie Ashley who we havent seen in ages!! Jack adores her- he has a thing for pretty ladies!

He got to see her this afternoon also at her bridal shower! (more on that tomorrow it was fantastic!)

Debbie and Ashley even had Jacks favourite snacks - Cheerios and banana!

We so miss her!! Congrats to the beautiful bride to be - we had so much fun at her shower today.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Busy little bees!

Today we helped Grammie prep for Ashley's Bridal shower. We chopped, washed, mixed, baked, iced, rearranged and of course decorated. This shower is going to be fabulous!! We also had lots of lovely friends come visit Jack and help decorate.

Jack had a super fun filled day not only with people but with all the toys at Grammies. (Thankyou Chantal for so many things - we cannot wait to try out the horse!!! Amazing!) Jack was an angel today while we worked away and even managed to skip a whole nap. Oh my!

Jack adores new toys (are we surprised?!) so he spent all day discovering new things. He even got over to visit his baby friend Greyson for a couple hours (although in the business of wrangling two baby boys I didn't snap any pics! Agh! )

Being out of routine and his own environment adds a new challenge at times but Jack takes it all in a stride with a smile. (Momma could learn a thing or two from this baby boy!)

Stay tuned for exciting blogs to come about swimming at the Walkers, the Shower and visiting with the Hewett-Hicks family tomorrow night! Yahoo!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Momma and Baby road trip!

Today we pulled out the driveway at the Homestead at 8:30 ready for a long day of driving!

Daddy and Lucy and the kitties and the piggies are staying in Fredericton while Scott works. We're all going to miss each other!

Jack had lots of toys and Momma was stocked with lots of Tim Hortons cash haha. I must say I was a little intimidated by traveling alone to NS with all the stuff and Jack alone. It's always easier to have two sets of hands when it comes to looking after Jack.

We actually had a good time and aside from 45 minutes of screaming Jack really enjoyed his trip. (Boy those 45 minutes felt a lot longer!)

We stopped at Wendy's in Truro for a lunch and to get free from the carseat. The staff there were so sweet and offered us anything we needed to make his stay easier during lunch (and I didn't even buy anything lol).

Jack enjoyed a meal of Cheerios and jarred baby food (exciting adventure for us!). But he spent the whole time watching a 2 year old devouring a burger!

We arrived in Greenwood and he enjoyed a new toy - the laundry bin!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Or perhaps it's more of a baby bird thing?

Either way Jack is adorable when we eat things! He does a little baby bird impression with his mouth open and makes little noises.

Couldn't let the baby bird starve!

Scott laughed a bunch while doing it but Jack did get a bite!

Definitely hungry for more!