Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rockin' a New Sling: At the market & great tutorials to make your own!

As Jack grows we have been trying all different kinds of slings for him. I find that a sling is very much depending on your baby's mood, size and your own comfort. It is a little concerning the first few times to put a baby into a sling because you are scared of them falling out etc etc. Click here to see my other baby sling/wrap blogs the Mei Tai and the Moby. Used properly (read instructions and practice at home first) these slings can be an effective tool for a busy Momma (or Daddy) on the go!

Finally in the mail we received two much awaited items: Ashley and Bryons wedding invite (amazing colours - love it) and our Seven sling. The sling I "bought" because I got a coupon through a baby newsfeed I follow on Twitter for a free sling just pay shipping and handling. Free sling? Yes please!
Getting comfortable with the sling...
Yup - we're comfortable!
Cutie baby tooshie in a fabulous patterned sling.

After playing around with it all morning in our jammies it was time to get dressed and hit the market. Thankfully we brought the sling because navigating in stroller would have been impossible. It was so busy! We enjoyed some spring rolls, donair wrap and then walked to Kings Place to Second Cup for a iced latte drink. So delicious!

Thats right, real men wear baby slings! Don't believe me? Click Here!

This is definitely the most secure feeling sling either of us have ever worn. It is perfect for carrying Jack on the hip and having him be able to see everything going on. He flirted up a storm in the crowds at the market and really enjoyed being in the sling. Definitely going to keep this in the car to rotate into my repertoire of "going out devices" for Jack. You can read about my others here and here(and here!).

Now down to business. 

Do I recommend this style sling? Whole heartedly. 

Do I recommend buying one? Not even a little bit. 

Do I recommend that you sew one yourself if you have the means? Oh yes. 

This sling is the most simple piece of baby equipment I've seen. It looks like an oddly shaped open sided pillow case. All it is is a long strip of fabric sewn together at the ends in a slightly rounded seam. It is SIMPLE. And if you have a sewing machine don't you dare waste $30-60 on a sling for yourself (or as a gift). Since I had the coupon I thought I would use it (saved me $50!) otherwise I would have been sewing myself one for certain.

("Look Ma - No hands!" LOVE her blog - so creative and funny!)

I have tracked down a GREAT tutorial on how to sew it so please check it out! It is on a lovely blog called Delia Creates. She's a mom of three so she really knows what she is up to. See her tutorial (and she shares her inspiration tutorial too!) here. 

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  1. looks like the one I bought off kijiji. Ever find it, or is it gone? I think it was probably too short for you anyway... I can't wait to try the sling. I don't feel strong enough to carry Jack for very long... I am not as good a shape as you!