Friday, 1 June 2012

Our Homestead!

Finally new photos of our home. I apologize for the serious delay in posting these photos. Pictures on the wall, boxes unpacked and everything in its place - it feels good :)! TGIF

Our lovely Homestead!

Well hello! Come on into our front entry way.

You come up the stairs into our lovely living room.

THen you can carry on into our dining room/...

...Fabulous kitchen!

From in our living room (notice big awesome new TV on the right) you can see down the hallway to....

Our Bedroom!

This is inside our bedroom. We have a shower stall and toilet (and pet beds lol)  then around the corner...
... Is our sink nook! Very nice to have separate so the mirror isn't fogged up after a shower!
(I totally forgot to photograph our other "Jack bathroom" but it is a full bathroom with huge deep tub! Jack loves it)

Our spare bedroom and office.
Yes, he does use all those computers at once. Imagine!
Into the nursery!
I see a little baby head peeping out of the crib...

Okay momma lets go play!

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