Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Let's get Learnin' and Groovin'!

Happy 7 Months old birthday to our little baby boy!

Both Scott and I can't believe he is 7 months old - it feels like he has been a part of our lives for ever.

After a ridiculous dream the other night (Mostly featured Jack as a 5 year old going to school and still hadn't learned how to walk - Oh being a mom!) I was inspired to look into a play table for Jack. In no time at all Kijiji revealed the perfect solution and I picked it up yesterday. After a good scrubbing this table was ready for play!

It's called LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Play Table. Since Jack is in LOVE with music (his top two favourite songs are the intro to "Bert and Ernies Great Adventures" and the main theme for "Star Trek Voyager") so this was a perfect choice for him. It features a cutie trombone, guitar, keyboard and geometric shaped drums.

I like the idea of Jack being able to play on another level and getting a chance to practice standing holding onto something baby-friendly rather than our coffee table or TV stand.

He surprised us all by comfortably standing at the table as soon as we put him there. Haha I guess he was keeping that skill a secret from us!

It has really cute instruments and alphabet functions. It is bilingual so Jack can practice both haha. It works on music, shapes, colours, numbers, and letters.

Up on his tippy toes!
The legs are also detachable so Jack can use it just on the floor for playing until he is comfortable to stand.


  1. YAY Jack!!
    The table looks like another great Kijiji find...great pics Michelle - especially the one of Jack on his tippy toes!

    1. Thanks Debbie! He loves to stand on his toes so I couldn't resist getting a picture to share!

  2. Scott was a tippy toe boy when her started standing too. I thought he might be in the ballet