Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jack's Newborn Shadow Box

Right after Jack was born I came across this Pin which inspired me to create. I didn't want to do this exact photo box but I loved all the elements she combined. Of course for Jack less pink more green!

Now that Jack has consistent naps and a routine like clockwork (actually!) I have time to get some much planned projects completed.

The creative process... You can't see the final product through this pile but I can :)! 
This week I hope to get his pictures up on the wall, my pregnancy journal finished and update his baby book. But at the top of my list was putting together this photo box. You keep all those newborn things in a box like his first hat, his hospital bracelets and favourite infant outfit. I thought it would be really special to be able to see those things more often than when I stumble upon them in his closet.

Here are all the things we included. I have enough new born stuff to make a wall of photo boxes but having just a few items makes it special rather than pack-rat ish.

Sweetest little baby boy. Ate and slept like a trooper. We are still thankful!

We both adore this photo of our baby boy. Fresh, puffy, bundled up and wearing a hat his momma knit obsessively the month before he was born. I kept all the things I knit for him so naturally we put in the corresponding hat.

One week old :) rockin' the space jammies!
Our absolute favourite sleeper of his hands down. We are Sci-fi junkies and so this was just so perfect. We received it as a gift from my boss Jenny and her family. Sadly Jack only fit into it for a week yet it is still our fav of all time.

I also included all three of our bracelets from the hospital. It was an important day for all three of us! Besides it being Jacks big day, it was also our first day as parents. It was so surreal to have them put the mother and father bracelets on us!

Up on the wall! Looks fabulous in that spot.
(Please don't mind the ridiculous stack of stuff on his dresser we are in the process of packing for our Newfoundland trip this week!)

It has been a challenging journey for us and we have grown so much as individuals and closer as a family. Thinking back to that day seems so long ago and like we were different people. How did we live before Jack? Can't imagine how life would be without him. And we don't wanna :).


  1. Great job, Michelle! Very sweet!

  2. Wow, you did such a great job. It came up fantastic.

  3. I remember those sleepers like it was just last month. They fit him so perfectly for that first couple of days and he filled them out so nicely. The hat... also sweet... also didn't last long...
    Great job Mick.. nice memories