Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jack Got Mail : Korean Edition!

Jack received mail today from around the world!!

Inside he was spoiled with awesome Korean things!

Meet Korean "Sophie" - Squiddy!

Korean Squiddy doesn't squeak near as much as Sophie so he will be welcomed on our trips to church while Sophie shall be kept at home!
Great hand towels! We need them for washing him up after dinners. Although he is much better with a spoon this little guy is enjoying mushing his finger food.

Steph and I both agree the happy fried egg is our favourite!

Seriously awesome yarn - still making plans for it. Any suggestions are welcome :)!

And the most beautiful baptismal shawl I've ever seen. It is even more stunning in person! Auntie Stephanie (also Fairy Godmother!) made this herself. Unbelievable!

And some equipment for getting moving around here. His little knees are all rough from the crawling so these will help him adventure more comfortably on our hard floors (oh boy!) Can you tell all the pictures are a little blurry? This boy was eager to move!
Modeling my new cutie shark kneepads!

I look like a cool skateboarder when I do this!


Of course the box is a gift in itself...

Apollo LOVED it (although we had to flatten a wall so he would fit haha).


  1. What a wonderful parcel from Korea. You have a great sister, and that shawl is amazing!! oh my. Great job Steph!

  2. How fun. What a fun package for baby Jack. That shawl is amazing. Is the yarn soft. Looks like enough to make my favorite Rocco Wrap!!