Friday, 22 June 2012

Jack and Aurora's play date!

Jack had a busy afternoon visiting his ladies and kid friends at Sunny Days, and meeting up with his cousin Aurora for a play date!
Admiring Aurora - babies love kids!!
Did I mention Aurora is the sweetest little girl?
Aurora kept Jack entertained and played games with him. She showed him lots of toys and was a watchful friend to him. When he got upset she quickly gave him his soother that I had left attached accidentally to a toy band.

Aurora played a tickle game and it was the sweetest thing :) 

Jack loved all the toys she got out for him - especially his new favourite animal the chicken!


  1. it wasn't long ago we we're playing those games with baby Aurora.. Geesh...

  2. With Jack around, Aurora doesn't seem much like a baby now. Aurora loves being a big cousin. Jack is so active now. It was fun to see how smart he is. When he falls over, he holds his head up so he doesn't bump it. So smart!!! And he can get up easy and walk along the couch and footstool. So fun... Man, they aren't babies for very long.