Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First Summer Breeze!

Today is the arrival of summer and it just happened to be crazy hot out. Around 36 with the humidex. After a early morning run (it was already 23 degrees at 8:30am - disgustingly hot run) we hid in the house till after naptime.

Don't mind the tongue, he is a day or two away from having his first tooth and loves rubbing his tongue over it all the time. 
After naptime we took advantage of the really nice AC at the mall.
But the AC turned out to be just a bit too chilly for us. After an hour inside we both welcomed the stifling hot breeze (very similar to opening an oven door). I snapped some great pics of Jack enjoying the wind while our car aired out from boiling in the parking lot.

So glad we could find a way to enjoy the hot and some cold today!

Hope you all stayed comfortable today whatever your weather is on the first day of summer.