Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fredericton Cat Show

That's right. We are THOSE kind of crazy cat people. We love going to see all the fun and interesting breeds in real life at the Fredericton Cat Show.

We went two years ago to the Cat Show and loved it. We knew that we had to go back this year!

 They have all the cats in beautiful cages with their ribbons, photos and creature comforts all lined up for viewing. We took in some ribbon ceremonies and judging but spent most of our time ogling at the cutie pie critters. They also have several booths of cat toys and things for sale as well as free samples.

Jack is a kitty enthusiast as well.  He has begun taking real interest in our own cats and they have been very patient. I think they are also pretty brave as they let him get quite close.

Jack attempting to do some petting, Apollo bravely held his position. 

Tiny at his booth with SPCA worker! He's wearing a "Tiny Tie" and looking quite handsome.
He's shed 8lbs and going strong.
One bit highlight of our trip was getting to see Tiny - a local celebrity! Tiny was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA taped up inside a box. He weighed 30lbs and was very unhealthy. Since then they've helped him through a weight loss challenge with the support of the whole community. We purchased two ties for our cats and the funds go to support Tiny. For Tiny's story and how to help click here.

Another big highlight - we were able to pet a hairless cat! Scott is in LOVE with them so this was hugely exciting. 

The little kitty was warm and had a soft touch like peach fuzz. Adorable!

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