Thursday, 14 June 2012

Food Glorious Food - "This is what evil must taste like"

For you Friends fan out there - you know what I'm saying! For you non-Friends fans it is what Phoebe says after eating a disgusting cookie and spitting it out. Since Jack rewatched the whole series of Friends in my 9th month of pregnancy (except the labour scenes for obvious reasons haha) he totally knows this quote and is definitely thinking it!

I love Phoebe so much!
Jack is handling solids like a champion! But when it comes to trying new foods he pulls some real hilarious faces. We've said that he must be thinking in his head "this is what evil must taste like!" as he is sampling new foods. Judging from the following pictures we think you'll agree!

Arms waving and the eye brows working it! He is not enjoying asparagus.
Really not feeling the potato! (Very rare sad face picture!)
That is definitely a little blurry tongue sticking out.

Oh my goodness - a big pout on!

In complete disbelief that I'm still trying to feed him asparagus.
A little bit of ghetto baby anger face.


  1. Not pretty... thats for sure... how many times does it take for him to start liking the stuff... or does he ever give in?

  2. Love all these faces Michelle!!
    Even when he is pouting, he is absolutely adorable!
    :) Debbie