Sunday, 10 June 2012

First Family Dinner out - Pizza Delight Goodness!

Well we did what we were dreading and too nervous to do until now - the dreaded restaurant meal with an infant. Would there be screaming? Would it be too stressful to make it worth while to eat away from home?! Would the highchair be unusable? Would everyone hate us? Pretty much I think every parent worries about these things. Fortunately it was a wonderfully positive experience for all of us. Jack was an angel and we all enjoyed a delicious lunch at Pizza Delight!

Momma and Jack eagerly awaiting a yummy meal!
We ordered our fav - Super donair! I had the 6" garlic fingers (cutest garlic fingers ever!) with mine and Scotty had their caesar salad. Not particularly healthy in any way (okay the donairs had lettuce and tomatoes.. does that count?) but we were rewarding ourselves for getting out and seizing the day with our babe!

Daddy and Jack looking cute together after a delicious meal!
Oh Momma... You were so right. Restaurant dining is so fun!
OH wait... where is my food?
Are you freaking kidding me?!? I don't get to order anything OR use the bread bar... ?
Yeesh - I need to do some growing up!

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