Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Day in the Life of the Jackalope

Today we decided to let Jack do the blog. He made it exactly how he feels the blog should be : little words, tons of pics and all of them starring Jack.

You may wonder what a regular day is for us - here it is!

From wake up to nighty bed time, here is a day in the life of Jack.

(They know us very well - and Jack too!)


We forgot to grab the magna doodle - but this guy was good to go for bed so we let the picture do the talking!


  1. Whew... I am exhausted... what a busy day... and his standing, walking, reading, playing, eating, sitting, napping, visiting, and reading day was so fun to see!! Thank you Jack.. great blog.

  2. Whew, I totally forgot how much goes on in the daily life of a baby. Fun Blog. Love the Magnadoodle thing.

  3. Really enjoyed this blog Michelle and Jack!!! What a busy day and so fun to have the magna doodle to label each important event of the day!!

  4. okay... you MUST do this on a semi-regular basis!!! What a creative way to do a blog.. good on ya. He will appreciate this (and you and STH will as well I think) in later years... KofO

  5. What a fun blog! Great idea! A day in a life of Jack!!! Loved it!!!
    Chantal :-)