Saturday, 2 June 2012

Creating a Baby Menu

Firsly - a little video of Jack and Daddy having dinner! What a good little eater!

Jack has acquired quite a seasoned palate and so to accommodate and encourage his foodiness we have put together quite a spread of homemade baby food. But with all the flavors and combos it is tricky to tell them apart without a kind of map/menu/labeling system.

Enter the Baby Menu.

From now on when I do up a batch of food (it was hard to tell what was what in the last few containers from the last batch) I've created a simple labeling system to keep us organized and from doing a lot of guesswork.

Each tray is numbered and I've listed what is on each one front to back. Simple yet effective!

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  1. So proud of what a great Mama you are! So organized with everything! Jack is incredibly lucky!